Services - Tax

International tax consulting for individuals, professionals and companies

Tax planning for individuals

We supply consulting on the optimisation of asset planning and of disposition by will and reorganisation of assets after building up vast experience in trust, financial services and insurance products.

We can supply services to entrepreneurs, executives, artists and athletes who want to establish their residence in Switzerland. Special emphasis is placed on the analysis of fiscal problems, so how one can settle and develop his activities in Switzerland can be better planned and personal and real estate investments can be analysed and optimised in the future, once the client has established himself in our country.

  • Dynamic organisation of family assets;
  • Support in intergenerational succession in companies;
  • Advice in decisions on investments;
  • Setting up family trusts and foundations;
  • Overall analysis of the portfolio (financial, real estate property, company);
  • Assistance in transferring residences of individuals, with attainment of the residence-domicile permit in Switzerland;
  • Personalised tax planning;
  • Strategies for protecting assets for succession purposes.

Tax planning for professionals

We take on mandates for coordinating foreign professionals required to study, plan and implement investments in foreign countries while rationalising costs and resources. Communication and tasks are organised so as to allow the client to gain access to highly specialized sectors with high levels of experience and a network of foreign correspondents that would otherwise be available only with sizeable investments.

Tax planning for companies

We offer the possibility to analyse and propose solutions to problems that might emerge in connection with investments abroad and foreign investments in Switzerland.

  • Off-shoring and transferring the company in Switzerland or abroad;
  • Assistance in ordinary and extraordinary operations of the company;
  • Preparation of opinions on the tax implications of the operational and investment choices;
  • Consultancy on the subject of indirect taxation and relevant compliance (tax representative, direct identification, etc.);
  • Consultancy on the subject of direct taxation (withholding tax, cantonal tax, federal tax, etc.);
  • Assistance in winding up and closing foreign subsidiaries;
  • Assistance in tax litigation cases with local authorities and Advance Pricing Agreement (APA).