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Work and residence permits

We place at the disposal of our clients the professional expertise of our staff to follow them and assist them during the entire bureaucratic procedure for issuing various types of permits.

We are specialized in obtaining all types of residence permits (B,G,L,C) for our Italian and foreign clients based on the client's necessities and requirements. As part of the service offered, we thoroughly analyse the fiscal, legal and administrative aspects that transfer of the individual's residence implies.

Furthermore, we offer assistance to the client who has transferred to Switzerland and Canton Ticino in fulfilling the obligations that local regulations involve (changing a car's number plate, health insurance, moving, AIRE registration).

More specifically, we offer the following services to every client:

  • Analysis of the client's situation (from the fiscal and legal viewpoints) to evaluate the prerequisites for the application;
  • Analysis of the type of permit appropriate for the client's needs;
  • Gathering and preparation of the documents to apply for the permit;
  • Assistance in the application procedure at the competent offices;
  • Assistance in meeting the administrative obligations in Switzerland.

PermitGfor EU/EFTA or third-Country cross-border workersBresidence in the EU/EFTALtemporary residenceCdomicile
Characteristics It is issued to people who plan to practise a remunerative subordinate or independent activity in Switzerland without transferring their residence. It is generally issued to cross-country workers or residents of bordering areas (even more than 20 km away) who regularly - at least once a week - return to their country of origin and move about only to carry on their work activity. It is issued to people who plan to settle and transfer their residence to Switzerland to exercise a remunerative subordinate or independent activity, or to stay without exercising a remunerative activity (e.g. retired people). It is issued to people who plan to stay in Switzerland during a limited period to exercise a remunerative subordinate activity (with a contract lasting max. 364 days) or to stay without exercising a remunerative activity. It can be granted to EU/EFTA citizens who have regularly stayed in Switzerland for at least 10 years and who have a B permit.
Duration Depends on the duration of the labour contract. Usually from 1 to 5 years. Usually 5 years and can be extended. 364 days and can be extended. Unlimited. With control deadline set at 5 years.
Family reunification Impossible The spouse and children up to 21 years of age can get the permit.
Revocation The permit is revoked for public order reasons or if the necessary conditions are no longer fulfilled.