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International and Corporate Law

Small and medium enterprises are increasingly turning to foreign markets as globalisation becomes more firmly rooted and the markets are expanding.

Choosing the area to move to or trying to develop one's business is very delicate, and the needs of the company in relation to the opportunities that the jurisdiction of a country can offer have to be pondered before coming to a decision. Then it is essential to plan the company's management, from the very beginning, with efficiency criteria that bear in mind the local and international regulations and operational aspects that are often neglected, but that on the other hand are crucial if the control of offices often very far away is to be effective.

The firm offers the client assistance in all steps involved when opening sales channels abroad, representation offices or branch offices, as well as for planning the best governance in keeping with efficiency and profitability criteria. It also helps the company provide itself with those contractual instruments that can best protect the client's interests in regulating both the management and the operational and business aspects.