EDI GLOBAL FORUM, Oct. 24-27, 2023 c/o Naples

EDI Global Forum 2023 is the second edition of Fondazione Morra Greco's project connecting international experts in the field of contemporary art and educational museums. It will be held in Naples from October 24 to 27 and will address, through a series of conferences, workshops and working groups, three main themes: well-being and justice, digital transformation and response to the climate crisis. This project connects international institutions and experts, involving a scientific committee representative of more than 90 global museum institutions. During the event, Mr. Cugini will discuss the role of the Metaverse in education and how it can be used efficiently with limited resources. The digitization of education during the pandemic has paved the way for new ways of learning, and the Metaverse could represent the future of education. The workshop aims to gather experiences to create a matrix to help decision makers evaluate the use of the Metaverse and immersive digital formats in educational programs.

For more info contact us at info@stelva.ch


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